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That's why I created The Molehill System.
Have you ever heard the saying, don't make a mountain out of a molehill?

After helping 1,000's of side hustlers, I've learned that making simple things overly complex is by far the biggest reason 92% of side hustles fail.

People often get overwhelmed when they look at their big goal (the mountain) and never start taking action because it seems impossible.

Instead, they should be focused on micro goals (molehills) that get them closer to their Ultimate Goal.

The Molehill System is how you make this happen.
So, what is The Molehill System?
  • This is what will keep you going when things get tough
  •  The personal connection as to why you are doing this
  •  This is often intangible and an unconscious thought
  • This is not the fancy car or big bank account
  • This is the mountain that you will conquer 
  •  It should seem somewhat impossible
  •  Time to completion will vary by goal
  • Think BIG, you have time it's not a race
  • The 3 most important objectives to complete
  •  This will be very well defined to ensure success
  •  Completion will get you close to your Ultimate Goal
  • All subsequent goals must align with these
  • Short sprints which are achievable in 7 days
  •  These should have very high likelihood of completion 
  •  Each of these goals directly ties with a Milestone
  • You'll have one weekly goal for each Milestone
  • Each daily goal aligns with a weekly goal
  •  Should be easily completed each day
  •  Small steps toward your weekly goals
  •  Very rarely should go incomplete each day
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